Halifax MALD

Thank you for your interest in our paid experiment! We’re investigating how people talk, understand speech, and identify words in collaboration with the School of Human Communication Disorders at Dalhousie University.

  • Who: monolingual native speakers of English (meaning using English only at home for the first five years of your life, experience studying a non-English language as a teenager or adult is not a problem), age 18 to 30, and raised in eastern Canada (Manitoba or more east)
  • Task: your visit to the lab will include a basic hearing test, pressing buttons on a button box to respond “word” or “nonword” to stimuli, and typing words in response to prompts
  • Duration: less than one hour; the experiment may be completed up to 2 times on separate days, and you will receive a small amount of money for your participation
  • Where: in Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, Speech Sciences Lab (room 2C45)

To sign up, click on this link to make an appointment: https://mald.youcanbook.me.

For additional information, follow this link: https://goo.gl/4AauUn.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to participate and none of the posted time slots work for your schedule, please send an email to Filip Nenadić at nenadic@ualberta.ca.