Past Members

Photo of Terrance Nearey
Terrance Nearey
Emeritus Professor

Speech perception, phonetics, psycholinguistics.
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Photo of Ryan Podlubny
Ryan Podlubny
Affiliated Researcher

Graduate Student (MSc), Postdoctoral Researcher

The influence of physical environment & context on the processing and production of spontaneous speech.

Photo of Hyunju Chung
Hyunju Chung
Postdoctoral Researcher

Assistant Professor, Speech-Langauge Pathology
Louisiana State University
Vowel acoustics, cross-linguistic acquisition of vowels, phonological acquisition.

Photo of Kara Hawthorne
Kara Hawthorne
Postdoctoral Researcher

Assistant Professor, Hearing, Speech & Language Science, Gallaudet University
Language acquisition, prosody, speech perception, music cognition.

Photo of Daniel Brenner
Daniel Brenner
Postdoctoral Researcher

Associate Research Engineer, Educational Testing Services

Photo of Annika Nijveld
Annika Nijveld
Postdoctoral Researcher

Speech perception, lexical representation, psycholinguistics

Photo of Michelle Sims
Michelle Sims
Graduate Student (MSc, PhD)

Project Manager
Knowledge Management Clinical Projects and Support Services
Alberta Health Services
Phonetics, speech production, speech processing, quantitative linguistics.
Thesis: The Role of Acoustic Detail in the Production and Processing of Vowels in Spontaneous Speech

Photo of Kyle Danielson
Kyle Danielson
Graduate Student (MSc)

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Department of Psychology, University of Toronto Scarborough
Perceptual psycholinguistics, experimental phonology, bilingualism, and language documentation
Thesis: Lexical tone processing by monolingual and bilingual speakers of tone and non-tone languages

Photo of Santiago Barreda
Santiago Barreda
Graduate Student (PhD)

Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, UC Davis
Phonetics, speech perception, psycholinguistics.
Thesis: Cognitively-Active Speaker Normalization Based on Formant-Frequency Scaling Estimation

Photo of Richard Yanaky
Richard Yanaky
Graduate Student (MSc)

Researcher in Information Studies
PhD candidate at McGill University
Phonetics, syntax, speech processing, prosody, computational linguistics, speech recognition.

Tsung-Ying Chen
Graduate Student (PhD)
Photo of Ryan Podlubny
Ryan Podlubny
Affiliated Researcher

Graduate Student (MSc), Postdoctoral Researcher

The influence of physical environment & context on the processing and production of spontaneous speech.

Photo of Graham Feeny
Graham Feeny
Graduate Student (MSc)

Currently pursuing a PhD at NYU.
Emotional speech, language comprehension.

Photo of Vincent Porretta
Vincent Porretta

Language Engineer at Amazon
Psycholinguistics, second language processing and perception, bilingualism.
Thesis: Perception and lexical processing of gradient foreign accentedness

Photo of Yoichi Mukai
Yoichi Mukai
Graduate Student (PhD)

Faculty Member, Department of Modern Languages, Vancouver Island University
Psycholinguistics, phonetics, second language speech (e.g., processing, perception, fluency)
Thesis: Production and perception of reduced speech and the role of phonological-orthographic consistency

Photo of Abdulaziz Alarifi
Abdulaziz Alarifi
Graduate Student (PhD)

Assistant Professor
Department of English Language & Literature
King Saud University
Phonetics, phonology, orthography and second language phonology
Thesis: The role of orthographic input in the distributional and lexical learning of non-native speech sounds

Photo of Matthew C. Kelley
Matthew C. Kelley
Graduate Student (MSc, PhD)

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington
Speech technology, speech perception, and phonetics.
Thesis: Acoustic Distance, Acoustic Absement, and the Lexicon

Photo of Catherine Ford
Catherine Ford
Honors Student, Graduate Student (MSc)

Government of Alberta

Japanese linguistics, acoustic phonetics of under-documented languages, field linguistics, language documentation and revitalization.

Photo of Filip Nenadić
Filip Nenadić
GRaduate Student (PhD)

Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Serbia
Spoken word recognition, Literary reading, Psycholinguistics, Individual differences
Computational Modelling of Spoken Word Recognition in the Auditory Lexical Decision Task

Photo of Stephanie Hedges
Stephanie Hedges
Graduate Student (PhD)
Phonetics, speech perception, acoustic correlates of aging

Photo of Dylan Bernhard
Dylan Bernhard
Honors Student

Phonetics, processing of reduced speech, speech technology

Photo of Atticus Harrigan
Atticus Harrigan
Honors Student

Cree linguistics, reduction.

Photo of Bryce Wittrock
Bryce Wittrock
Honors Student

Research Interests: Phonetics, Sociophonetics, Nordic Languages