Past Members

Photo of Kara Hawthorne
Kara Hawthorne
PostDoctoral Researcher

Language acquisition, prosody, speech perception, music cognition.

Photo of Daniel Brenner
Daniel Brenner
Postdoctoral Researcher


Photo of Jae-Hyun Sung
Jae-Hyun Sung
Contract Instructor

Phonology, phonetics, palatalization, ultrasound imaging

Photo of Michelle Sims
Michelle Sims

Phonetics, speech production, speech processing, quantitative linguistics.

Photo of Kyle Danielson
Kyle Danielson
Graduate Student (MSc)

PhD Student at UBC
Perceptual psycholinguistics, experimental phonology, bilingualism, and language documentation
Thesis: Lexical tone processing by monolingual and bilingual speakers of tone and non-tone languages

Photo of Philip Dilts
Philip Dilts
Graduate Student (PhD)
Photo of Santiago Barreda
Santiago Barreda
Graduate Student (PhD)
Photo of Richard Yanaky
Richard Yanaky
Graduate Student (MSc)

Phonetics, syntax, speech processing, prosody, computational linguistics, speech recognition. (Currently a PhD student at The MARCS Institute at the University of Western Sydney)

Tsung-Ying Chen
Graduate Student (PhD)

Phonology, phonetics, and their interface, tone languages.
Thesis: Probabilistic Selection of Input in Morphophonological Acquisition

Photo of Ryan Podlubny
Ryan Podlubny
Postdoctoral Fellow

The influence of physical environment & context on the processing and production of spontaneous speech.

Photo of Hyunju Chung
Hyunju Chung
PostDoctoral Researcher

Vowel acoustics, cross-linguistic acquisition of vowels, phonological acquisition.

Photo of Graham Feeny
Graham Feeny
Graduate Student (MSc)

Emotional speech, language comprehension.
Currently pursuing a PhD at NYU.

Photo of Vincent Porretta
Vincent Porretta
Graduate Student (PhD)

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Alberta, Department of Linguistics
Psycholinguistics, second language processing and perception, bilingualism.
Thesis: Perception and lexical processing of gradient foreign accentedness

Shannon Lemke
Undergraduate Student

Interested in speech reduction in English. Specifically investigating reduction of function words in productions of four-word sequences.

Janelle Dickout
Undergraduate Student

Cross-dialect speech perception of New Zealand English r-sandhi.

Sheila Charlton
Undergraduate Student
Katryna Lysay
Undergraduate Student
Photo of Ross Munro
Ross Munro
Undergraduate Student

Interested in acoustics characteristics and processing of reduced speech. Specifically, word final t/d reduction/deletion.

Kimberly Wong
Undergraduate Student

Interested in phonetics and dialectal differences within language.

April Flynn
Undergraduate Student
Ben Daigle
Undergraduate Student

African linguistics (Kono), language documentation.

Shelley Lim
Undergraduate Student

Chemehuevi phonetics.

Kirstin Mahler
Undergraduate Student

Processing of French dialects

Photo of Dallin Mendenhall
Dallin Mendenhall
Undergraduate Student
Photo of Kaitlin Mackie
Kaitlin Mackie
Undergraduate Student

Speech perception

Photo of Alex Schellenberger
Alex Schellenberger
Undergraduate Student
Paige Borger
Undergraduate Student
Photo of Geoffrey Stewart Morrison
Geoffrey Stewart Morrison
Adjunct Faculty
Adrienne Findlay
Undergraduate Student

Recognition of reduced speech

Rachel Quong
Undergraduate Student
Photo of Dylan Bernhard
Dylan Bernhard

Phonetics, processing of reduced speech, speech technology

Photo of Atticus Harrigan
Atticus Harrigan
Honors Undergraduate Student

Cree linguistics, reduction.

Photo of Pearl Lorentzen
Pearl Lorentzen
Undergraduate Research Assistant

phonetics, language invention, morphology

Photo of Katelynn Pawlenchuk
Katelynn Pawlenchuk
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Photo of Ayushi Mrigen
Ayushi Mrigen
UARE Intern
Photo of Danielle Fonseca
Danielle Fonseca
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Photo of Shirley May
Shirley May
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Research Interests: Phonetics, Speech perception, Psycholinguistics, and Language development

Melina Sinclair
Undergraduate Research Assistant

BA (Honors) Linguistics student

Research interests: Phonetics, aging

Spenser Halfyard
Photo of Harveen Brar
Harveen Brar
WISEST Student Intern
Photo of Brant Harker
Brant Harker
High School Student Intern
Photo of Ivy Mok
Ivy Mok
Lab Manager

Prosody, phonetics, and psycholinguistics.