Lab Members

Photo of Benjamin V. Tucker
Benjamin V. Tucker
Director, Professor

Phonetics, psycholinguistics, laboratory phonology, field linguistics, language documentation and revitalization.

Photo of Scott James Perry
Scott James Perry
Graduate Student (PhD)

L2 speech learning, phonetics, laboratory phonology, romance linguistics


Photo of Tyler Schnoor
Tyler Schnoor
Honors Student

Malagasy Speech Synthesis, automatic accentedness rating

Photo of Lara Ozdogan
Lara Ozdogan
Honors Student

aging, speech perception, and language documentation/revitalization

Photo of Gabrielle Morin
Gabrielle Morin
Undergraduate Student

Spontaneous speech, filled pauses, phonetics, childhood language and literacy development

Photo of Tim Mills
Tim Mills
Adjunct Professor

Speech synthesis, voice quality, whispered speech, endoscopic measurement, spectral tilt, and the phonetics and phonology of prosody.

Photo of Ryan Podlubny
Ryan Podlubny
Affiliated Researcher

Graduate Student (MSc), Postdoctoral Researcher

The influence of physical environment & context on the processing and production of spontaneous speech.

Photo of Annika Nijveld
Annika Nijveld
Postdoctoral Researcher

Speech perception, lexical representation, psycholinguistics