These days we find ourselves mostly working online and meeting up in our Gather.Town space. We look forward to being back in the lab and working there again.

Perception experiment facilities. The lab has a total of three double-walled sound protected booths (from Whisper Room) plus an older custom built booth. These can be used either for recording or for running perception experiments. The lab also has E-Prime, OpenSesame, and DMDX for experiment presentation and response collection.


Speech analysis software. The lab has PraatWavesurfer, Matlab, and XQuirer, and several computers for various types of speech analysis and modeling.

Digitizing equipment. The lab has a station for digitizing older field recordings and other data. The station includes a Nakamichi CR-7a cassette player, a mini-cassette player, a reel-to-reel player and an Alesis MultiMix8 for mixing and digitizing the analog sound.

Recording equipment. The main recording setup of the lab uses an Alesis ML9600 Masterlink CD recorder. Several portable recording systems are available for field work: Marantz PMD 660, Olympus LS-10 and Korg MR-1000.


Articulatory Measurement. The lab has equipment for recording oral and nasal airflow and oral air pressure, from SciCon. The lab also has equipment for static palatography and an electroglottograph from Glottal Enterprises.

Speech synthesis and speech recognition. The lab has the Synthworks software for research using parametric synthesis, as well as several commercial synthesis and recognition programs for use in teaching and research in speech technology. We also have a dedicated workstation with an NVIDIA GPU for training neural networks and other data processing.

Historical Phonetics Equipment. The lab maintains a small museum of equipment that has been used for phonetic investigation in the past, in addition to the digitization station. The other equipment is used as a teaching tool for students studying phonetics in the Department of Linguistics.


The lab shares space and facilities with the Prosody Lab, the Language Documentation Research Cluster, and the Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics.