Below is a general description of the research in the lab. Specific projects can be found in the links above under Current Research Projects.

Speech Perception and ProductionIMG_4241

  • speech perception in general and explicit pattern recognition models of speech perception in particular
  • the investigation of phonetic detail typical of spontaneous speech, specifically speech reduction (click here for an example of speech reduction) and here for a news article in Science News about our research.
  • testing and creating models of spoken word recognition
  • find new ways of making use of existing language technologies and developing our own technologies to aid us in understanding human speech production and language comprehension

The lab also has general focus in experimentally testing linguistic and psycholinguistic hypotheses.

IMG_4228Language Documentation and Revitalization

We pursue the documentation and revitalization of the languages of the world. To date we have investigated languages in North America, South America, Africa and Asia.