Articulography recordings during speech production

Is English your native language? Are you 18 or older? Want to participate in a cool experiment and get an awesome Facebook/Twitter profile pic out of it?
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Using an electromagnetic articulograph, we will record the movement of your lips, tongue and jaw while you read out loud or speak English words. The study investigates how your tongue, jaw and lips work together while you produce speech. In order to track the movement of your tongue, lip and jaw movements, we will fit you with small metal sensors (just like Hollywood magic!).
Watch an entertaining YouTube video we made about the experiment process:

Pay rate is $15 per hour and the experiment is about 1.75 hours long.
Time slots are scheduled between the May 6th-23rd in the Alberta Phonetics Laboratory at the University of Alberta. There are three different time slots available every day.
For more information about the experiment and to sign up, email Fabian at:
NOTE: If you have a pacemaker, you can not participate in this experiment.