While the main research focus in the lab is phonetics, we also have a long standing research project exploring pizza places (this is not a serious research project but is almost as much fun as phonetics!). On this page we document our pizza adventures. Below are links to each blog post and a map of all the pizza places we’ve had the privilege to sup (that we can remember).

Scoring:┬áThe goal is to keep this simple. Each place we visit is scored on a 1-10 scale, with 10 indicating a place where the pizza is so good that we would be tempted to set up shop in the restaurant and 1 indicating a place that we probably wouldn’t return to. We also indicate the type of crust.


Six pizza places in one day?! We were on a mission.

Sometimes there are new places in your hometown that you’ve not yet found time to try… and/or those little-known shoppes that hide in the shadows, that we’re aching to try after driving past them by chance. Today, we made a mission of trying them ALL (note the hyperbole, though six restaurants still seems pretty good!). […]

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Bar del Corso, Seattle

I had the pleasure to visit a friend in Seattle who was willing to introduce me to a few pizza places. My favorite was Bar del Corso. This is an amazing little restaurant in Beacon Hill. Some of the best pizza I’ve had in a while. We had a pizza with sausage and pickled goat […]

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Salty Pig, Boston

Upon arriving in Boston, we needed food and the concierge sent us to the Salty Pig (a worriesome name if you are eating with someone that is vegan). The pizza turned out to be really great (they also made a great vegan pizza, crust with lots of veggies). The pizza I had, had the obligatory […]

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