Six pizza places in one day?! We were on a mission.

Sometimes there are new places in your hometown that you’ve not yet found time to try… and/or those little-known shoppes that hide in the shadows, that we’re aching to try after driving past them by chance. Today, we made a mission of trying them ALL (note the hyperbole, though six restaurants still seems pretty good!). This pizzcapade started at roughly 11am and concluded just after 5:00 — it was a glorious way to spend a day.

Also, you can click each restaurant’s name to see their menu.


We started strong with what is argued to be the only authentic deep dish pizza in the Edmonton area. This Cheese pizza is not for the faint of heart (read: lactose intolerant), as the amount of cheese and bread was indeed impressive. It was, in fact, more like a pan-fried pizza (with loads of cheese) than a real Chicago style pizza pie, but was tasty nonetheless. Rating: 7

Urbano Pizza Co.

We were not particularly impressed by this Vegetarian pizza. Rating: Participant Ribbon

Die Pie

Die Pie was a fun room with knowledgable staff, which was important given they boast an exclusively vegan menu. They also make vegan cheese substitutes in-house from both hemp and cashew and were happy to let us sample these while we waited for our food. We enjoyed the Pierogi pizza, which incorporates shredded potato, a faux-cheese sauce, and spring onion, among other things, on a relatively thin crust (also vegan). We felt the crust on this particular pizza was slightly underdone though, and expect it would have been quite a bit stronger if it were given a few extra minutes in the oven. Rating: 6.5

Dallas Pizza

This was the hands-down winner of the day. Despite the bricks of cheese-and-bread weighing us down at this point, we both felt compelled to eat more of this delicious pizza knowing we had two more stops afterwards. We enjoyed the Spinach pizza — which comes on a pan-fried style crust — and would definitely recommend it. Rating: 9

Boss Pizza

Boss also makes a pretty tasty pie, heavy with cheese and tasteful seasoning (there was a surprisingly amount of spicy kick to the sauce). Loaded heavy with a mozza/cheddar blend, their Tomotorita pizza was definitely a do-over and sit lighter than many of the others described here due to an airier crust. Rating: 7.5

Pink Gorilla Pizzeria

We very much enjoyed this pizza as well — though, ordered a pie without any visible cheese, and feel the need to go back and try something more directly comparable to the rest. Regardless, the crust was relatively thin, dense, and enjoyably chewy. The Choked Cheese pizza focussed on artichoke, zucchini, and roast eggplant, and was served with heaps of arugula; it was a thoughtfully complex flavour combination, and was in no way overly rich despite their use of artichoke dip in addition to the roast artichokes. Would definitely recommend. Rating: 8