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LexicalCharacteristics.jl: A Julia package for lexical characteristics

The LexicalCharacteristics.jl package provides convenient functions for calculating some commonly used lexical characteristics. At present, it will calculate phonological neighborhood density, uniqueness point, and phonotactic probability. The Julia programming language runs quickly, so using the functions provided here should work faster than implementations written in Python or R. An additional speedup for phonological neighborhood density is gained by using a data structure called a vantage-point tree.

For more information, check out the documentation, or visit the code repository on GitLab. The software is licensed for use under the MIT software license.


This program will extract documentation strings in a Praat script and write them to a Markdown file, in the fashion of Doxygen, Roxygen, and Javadoc. In particular, the commenting style is inspired by Roxgygen’s, as Praat comments already use the octothorpe to denote comments.

For the sake of convenience, there are two implementations, one in Python 3, and the other the Praat scripting language.

The GitLab repository is available at