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Is three pizza places too many?

Of course three pizza places in one afternoon isn’t too many. First we went to Costco (for other reasons) but a slice of pizza is always good. Then we went to downtown Honolulu and visited J.J. Dolans and Proof Public House.

Proof Public House

We ordered slices here. We had three good slices of pizza and as a bonus we ordered a desert slice as well. The slices here were pretty standard fair. It’s definitely harder to judge just slices. Rating: 6

J.J. Dolans

We got slices here as well. A cheese slice and and pepperoni. We can’t say this place blew us away but the sauce had a really nice flavor. Rating: 6.5

Hapas Pizza

Hapas Pizza

On our first night in Waikiki for the Acoustical Society of America meeting we went to what we heard was the best pizza on Waikiki. Since Waikiki is a tourist trap we didn’t have super high expectations. We went with a group and had a couple pizzas. We were all pleasantly surprised. We had our standard jalapenos and pineapple and a seafood pizza. This pizza had a really nice crust, with lots of flavor.

Rating: 7.5

ZA Pizzeria

IZA Pizzeria was in Toronto this last week and I tried ZA Pizzeria for dinner. The pizza here was excellent. I had their “Oh, Canada!” and “Nacho ZA” as half pizzas. It was the first time I had chips on top of a pizza. I really enjoyed both pizzas, they were both flavorful and left me wanting lots more. The Nacho ZA was particularly good, I liked the┬áCorn Sofrito, Pico de Gallo, and Jalape├▒o & Cheddar Cream on this pizza. I’d give this place an easy 8.5

Two in one night

Tonight we took a car and hit the two top ranked pizza places (according to google users) in Ithaca, NY. This time we hit Ned’s Pizza and Mark’s Pizza.

Ned’s Pizza: 7.5
Thin crust pizza with the following toppings: pineapple, banana peppers and feta.

Mark’s Pizza: 5.5
Thin crust New York style cheese pizza.


Ned's Pizza