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Forensic Science Research

Volunteers Wanted for Forensic Science Research:

We are conducting research on forensic voice comparison, and we are looking for volunteers to help us with this research.

The purpose of the research is to demonstrate how to perform forensic voice comparison under conditions reflecting those of an actual case. We are basing this research on the conditions of an element of the Saskatchewan robocall scandal in which the outgoing voicemail message of a speaker of known identity had to be compared with the outgoing voicemail message of a speaker of questioned identity.

Our approach is based on relevant data, quantitative measurements, and statistical models, and we test the validity and reliability of our system under conditions reflecting those of the case under investigation.

Volunteers will be asked to make five telephone calls over the course of a week and each time leave the message: “You’ve reached Haste Research. Please leave your name, phone number and reason for call, and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.”

Volunteers completing the task will be given a gift certificate of $25 value.

If you are an adult male speaker of Canadian English, and are interested in participating, please send the following e-mail message to <> with subject line “potential volunteer”.

I am interested participating in the forensic voicemail research study. Please contact me by e-mail and telephone to give me more information so I can decide whether I want to participate. My telephone number is _______

Alberta Phonetics Laboratory
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E7
tel: (780)248 1409 mailbox 0
fax: (780) 492 0806

Principal Investigator:
Dr Geoffrey Stewart Morrison