Massive Auditory Lexical Decision

Here you can find information and the data sets for the Massive Auditory Lexical Decision Project. Currently, we have made available the data from MALD1v1, this version is the version of the data reported in our Behavior Research Methods paper. For each of the data files, you can download either a tab-delimited text file or an R data file. The audio files with force-aligned segmentation can also be downloaded (the TextGrid files and audio can be opened using Praat).


All data: TXT   Rdata

Response data: TXT   Rdata

Item data: TXT   Rdata

Subject data: TXT   Rdata

Audio Files:  Words   Pseudowords

TextGrids: Words   Pseudowords

This research was funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Grant #435-2014-0678 and by a University of Alberta Killam Research Grant.

Recent Papers and Talks:
Morphological Processing 2019 (Investigating morphological processing using the MALD database: A megastudy of auditory lexical decision)