Lab Members

Photo of Benjamin V. Tucker
Benjamin V. Tucker
Director, Professor

Phonetics, psycholinguistics, laboratory phonology, field linguistics, language documentation and revitalization.

Photo of Terrance Nearey
Terrance Nearey
Emeritus Professor

Speech perception, phonetics, psycholinguistics.

Photo of Tim Mills
Tim Mills
Adjunct Professor, Sessional instructor

Speech production, glottal articulations, coordination of gestures, prosody and voice quality, quantitative analysis techniques. Canadian English, Scottish English.

Photo of Ryan Podlubny
Ryan Podlubny
Postdoctoral Fellow

The influence of physical environment & context on the processing and production of spontaneous speech.

Photo of Annika Nijveld
Annika Nijveld
Postdoctoral Fellow

Speech perception, lexical representation, psycholinguistics

Photo of Yoichi Mukai
Yoichi Mukai
Graduate Student (PhD)

Faculty Member, Department of Modern Languages, Vancouver Island University
Psycholinguistics, phonetics, second language speech (e.g., processing, perception, fluency)

Photo of Matthew C. Kelley
Matthew C. Kelley
Graduate Student (PhD)

Speech technology, speech perception, and phonetics.

Photo of Catherine Ford
Catherine Ford
Graduate Student (PhD)

Japanese linguistics, acoustic phonetics of under-documented languages, field linguistics, language documentation and revitalization.

Photo of Filip Nenadić
Filip Nenadić
Graduate Student (PhD)

Literary reading, empirical study of literature, experimental psychology, experimental aesthetics, individual differences, personality psychology


Photo of Scott James Perry
Scott James Perry
Graduate Student (PhD)

L2 speech learning, phonetics, laboratory phonology, romance linguistics


Photo of Stephanie Hedges
Stephanie Hedges
Graduate Student (PhD)
Phonetics, speech perception, acoustic correlates of aging

Photo of Bryce Wittrock
Bryce Wittrock
Undergraduate Honors Student

Research Interests: Phonetics, Sociophonetics, Nordic Languages

Photo of McKae Pawlenchuk
McKae Pawlenchuk
Lab Manager

Perception and production of reduced speech, L2 speech learning

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